"Kavin" is an Indian given name. It is pronounced as "Kah-vy-n", similar to the Irish name Kevin. Both Kavin and Kevin mean "handsome" or "beautiful."

In ancient Tamil (Centamil), Kavin means handsome, and when given to an Indian male baby implies that the child is beautiful. It is also an alternative name of the Tamil saivite god Muruga. It also means "beautiful" when given to girls.

Sanskrit: Rig Veda where Kavin means Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of troubles

Sanskrit: Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 verse 9 Kavin means Omniscient, as Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna

Indo-Aryan: Kavin is a shortened form of the word kavindra, which is a clubbing of kavi + indra. Kavi is the general title of the kings (chiefs) in Avesta. "Kavi" means king itself. The Kavi entered Iranian mythology as Kianids. In its origin, it is Kavin which is an Indo-Aryan (also termed as Indo-European) name derived from Kav + Inder (Lord Indra). In other meaning, the prefix 'Ka' or 'Kav' is an indicator of action implying 'Karma'.

Irish (Gaeilge): Kavin is an anglicized form of the Irish name Caoimhín, derived from the older Irish Coemgen, composed of the Old Irish elements coem meaning "kind, gentle, handsome" and gein meaning "birth".


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