Katie Peretti

Katie Peretti

Kathryn Ann "Katie" Peretti Snyder (formerly Frasier, Coleman & Kasnoff) is a fictional character on the daytime soap opera As The World Turns. She is currently being portrayed by Terri Colombino. She has played her since August 29, 1998 to the present day.


  • Born (on-screen) February 22, 1989 (changed to 1980, later 1979)
  • Kathryn Ann Peretti {name at birth}
  • Kathryn Ann Peretti Frasier {1st marriage name}
  • Kathryn Ann Peretti Coleman {2nd marriage name}
  • Kathryn Ann Peretti Kasnoff {3rd marriage name}
  • Kathryn Ann Peretti Snyder {4th & 5th marriage name/current legal name}
  • Katie {nickname}
  • Bubbles {nicknamed given to her by Henry}

Family and relationships


  • Casey Peretti (father, deceased)
  • Lyla Crawford (mother)


Marital status

Past marriage(s)


Other relative(s)

  • Joseph "Joe" Peretti (paternal grandfather)
  • Maureen Peretti (paternal grandmother)
  • Loretta Peretti (paternal aunt)
  • Michael Peretti (paternal uncle)
  • Margaret Crawford (maternal aunt)
  • Adam Munson (nephew)
  • Casey Hughes (nephew)
  • William "Billy" Ross (nephew)
  • Suzanne "Suzie" Ross (niece)
  • Bryant Montgomery (nephew, deceased)
  • Lucinda "Lucy" Montgomery (niece)
  • John "Johnny" Donovan (nephew)
  • William "Billy" Norbeck (great-nephew, deceased)

Flings and relationships

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