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Karmen Stavec

Karmen Stavec (born December 21, 1973) is a Slovene musician and pop singer.

Karmen was born in West Berlin, at that time part of West Germany, to Slovene parents. After graduation she came to Domžale, Slovenia, where she joined the dance duo "4 Fun". She also began to study Germanic studies at the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana. In 1998 she started her own solo career.

She has participated four times in Slovene national selection, called "EMA" for the Eurovision song contest in 1998 (with Patrik Greblo), EMA 2001, EMA 2002 and EMA 2003.

In 2002 at the EMA she took 2nd place behind the transvestite trio Sestre ("The Sisters"), although she got the highest number of points from televoting. Her song, Se in Se won the National Finals Song Contest. Finally in 2003 she won, and she represented Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, where she finished in 23rd place with the song Nanana, sung in English. The Slovene version of the song is called Lep poletni dan (meaning A Nice Summer Day). When she arrived back at Ljubljana airport after the contest she said about her bad placing: "We do not know where's the catch. The director of the contest said that 'we were the most professional team'...".

Partial Discography

Ostani Tu (2001)

Karmen (2003)

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