Karen Morian

Karen Morian

Karen Morian (born June 7 1985) is an Jewish-American actress. Morian has acted in several plays throughout her career, and has recently moved onto Broadway.

Early life

Originally born in Brattleboro, Vermont, into an already theatrical family, Karen was the youngest of 3 sisters and 1 brother. Her mother who volunteer at Brooks Memorial Library would read to Karen every night. Her father was heavily involved in the Vermont Theatre Company which puts on an annual summer Shakespeare festival. These influences sparked Karen's passion for the theatre.

At an early age however, Karen's family moved to New York, New York, where she has lived since. Her first on stage appearance was in The Diary of Anne Frank, starring in the title role. Working with actors much older, Karen was able to develop her talents by observing more experienced talent.


Karen attended the University of Arizona for four years while taking a hiatus from the stage, majoring in fashion design and macroeconomics. Outside of classwork, Karen performed in several dance recitals and plays, in addition to being a member of the equestrian club.

Karen's largest theater role during her college years was that of Jane Goodall in "My Friends the Wild Chimpanzees," an adaptation of Goodall's original research.

Mamma Mia

Recently, Karen could be seen in Mamma Mia, now on Broadway, in a minor role. She joined the cast in late 2007. She has since taken time off as she recently gave birth to twins.


Karen can be seen in various magazine advertisements as the women with the Boyfriend Arm Pillow developed by the Japanese bed linen maker, Kameo Corporation, located in the Japanese city of Fukuoka, Japan.

At a young age, Karen was featured in an advertisement for Skip-It, a children's toy manufactured by Tiger Electronics.

Personal life

In 2006, Karen married Barry Ginsburg, a Spanish accountant. They live on the lower east side. They recently had twins in August 2008, Kaymed Patrick and Paul Keiko. Karen can be seen on her her new Schwinn bicycle with bell and basket, with which she carries her twins.

Karen can often be seen walking the streets of New York in her own designer tees fashioned from old ugly college tee shirts. New York Magazine fashion columnist Aja Mangum said "I don't know what she was thinking making that shirt, it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen." Her style has yet to be accepted by the New York fashion culture.


In May 2006, Karen was given the Thurston T. Medley Award for student achievement in printed news, largely based on her expose on social networking services.


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