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Karaoke clubs in Sri Lanka

Karaoke club is a very popular night club type in Sri Lanka. These clubs specially contain some DJs with karaoke equipments, karaoke girls and sometimes large monitors or screens which use to show music videos. The main legal income of these clubs earned through bars which sell liquor and other related food items in a very expensive price than the ordinary market. Most of these clubs hired young girls (16 to 25/27) to work as karaoke girls, who are responsible to accompany the customers and satisfy their needs while they are in the club.

More Details on Karaoke clubs

Some Karaoke clubs are held by the hotels which are exclusive for selected people and their customers. Most of the Karaoke clubs which are held by the well-known hotels are not the places which can do the illegal activities so easily. But there are other Karaoke clubs which are located in the Colombo city, doing several illegal activities such as prostitution and drugs distribution. These Karaoke clubs are more open to the public than the Karaoke clubs owned by well-known hotels. There are some Karaoke clubs located near Negombo area and most of these clubs actually operates as brothels in those areas.In

Inside Look

Most of these Karaoke clubs are accused by the public and police for their illegal activities. According to the police and local media most of these karaoke clubs main income come through prostitution (Which is illegal in Sri Lanka) and drugs distribution.According to the several media and police reports, most of the karaoke girls are recruited from remote areas and sometimes they are even underage according to the Sri Lankan law (Below 16). Most of these girls willingly or forcibly participate in prostitution with the some of the customers of the Karaoke clubs.

Local media reports say that normal expenses range of a Karaoke club customer among Rs.24000 - 36000, which is a fairly high amount of money in Sri Lanka. These expenses exclude additional expenses such as prostitution expenses.

Police has conducted several raids to prevent the illegal activities in Karaoke club. But they didn’t manage to stop them permanently, media say this is because some of the Karaoke clubs receive the protection from politicians who are directly involves when a police raids conducted.

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