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Obtaining the rank in Sweden

One year as Löjtnant and 40 weeks of tactical training.

History and related ranks


The basic military unit during the Middle Ages was the company raised by a vassal lord on behalf of his lord usually the King. The lord was comissioned by the king as Kapten to lead the unit. As the number of companies grew, one captain was granted overall (general) authority and named captain general, which was shortened to general.


Until 1750, a rank above Löjtnant and below Kapten to command the life guard company on behalf of its formal commadner - a Överste.


The rank Kaptenlöjtnant changed to Stabskapten (Staff Captain) in 1750.


Now obsolete rank in the cavalry that corresponded to Kapten.

Reform 1972

Kapten with more than 11 years of service were elevated to Major

Holders of the following ranks were elevated to Kapten

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