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Parthasarathy Temple

The Parthasarathy Temple (பார்த்தசாரதி கோயில்) is an 8th century Hindu Vaishnavite temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, located at Triplicane, Chennai, India. It is one among the 108 divyadesams or holy abodes of Lord Vishnu. The name 'Parthasarathy', in Sanskrit, means the 'charioteer of Arjuna', and Lord Krishna is worshipped in that role in this temple.

The temple

The temple is one of the oldest structures in Chennai. There are shrines for Sri Vedhavalli Thayaar, Sri Ranganatha, Sri Rama, Sri Varadharajar Swamy, the beautiful Narasimha (as Azagiyasingar), Sri Andal, Sri Anjaneya, Alwars, Ramanuja,Swami Manavala mamunigal and Vedanthachariar. There are separate Dwajasthambams (flag) and entrances for Lord Parthasarathy and Lord Narasimha. The gopuram and mandaps (pillars) are decorated with beautiful elaborate carvings, a standard feature of South Indian Temple Architecture.


Lord Venkateswara promised King Sumathi that he would give darshan as Lord Parthasarathy. In order to keep the promise, the Lord Venkateswara appeared as Lord Parthasarathy. Sage Athreya had installed the idol of Lord Parthasarathy Swami. Legend has it that the parents of the great SriVaishnava acharya, Sri Ramanuja came to this temple and prayed to the Lord for a son and eventually the great acharya was born. It is also believed that the great saint Sri Ramanuja is none other than the Lord Parthasarathy himself who was born to revive the Vishistadvaitha.

Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Mahatyam

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was the charioteer for Arjuna during the Mahabharata war when he gave the Hindu holy book of Bhagavad Gita. Hence, the main deity, Sri Parthasarathy's face is full of scars created by the arrows of the Great Bhishma in the Kurukshetra war. Other unusual things about this deity are that He is seen with a moustache and without his weapon Chakra. The reason attributed is that He promised not to take weapons in the Mahabharatha war and hence he has only his conch. As He was the charioteer He sported the moustache keeping with the tradition. The UTSAVAR (the procession deity, usually made of metal instead of stone) also has only a stick and not his mace as found with others. This is because the Lord was born in a cowherd clan.


On most days, devotees are treated to prasadam (offerings to God) consisting of Chakra pongal (A sweet South Indian delicacy made with jaggery, pulses and rice), Cookbook:Puliyodarai Quick and Thayir sadam (Rice with yogurt/curd).

Darshan, Sevas and Festivals

The temple follows the traditions of the Thenkalai sect of Vaishnavite tradition and follows vaikanasa aagama. The temple has grand brahmotsavams for Sri Parthasarathy swami during the Tamil month of chittirai(April-may),on the same month Udayavar uthsavam is also celebrated in special manner.In the month of vaigasi,Sri Varadarajar uthsavam,Sri Nammalwar uthsavam(vaigasi-visagam) and vasanthothsavam are celebrated. Sri Azhagiyasingar during the Tamil month of aani (June-July).There are also grand utsavams for Sri Ramanuja(April-may) and Sri Manavalamamunigal(oct-nov) besides utsavams for Alwar and acharyas. Vaikunta Ekadesi and during the Tamil month of Margazhi draws lot of pilgrims.

Sri ParthasarathySwamy

Sri Parthasarathy Temple
Temple Name: Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple
Alias Name:
God Name: VenkataKrishnan (Parthasarathy)
Goddess Name: Vedhavalli Thayaar
Pushkarni: Kairavinisaras Pushkarni
Vimanam: Anantha Vimanam
Location: Chennai
State and Country: TamilNadu, India


Among the 12 alwars (the great saints in Vaishnavite tradition) three of them namely Peyalwar, Thirumazhisai alwar and Thirumangaialwar have sung about the deities of this temple. Many acharyas have also written songs on the deities of this temples.

Easy Paasuram to Learn (Tamil)

This Paasuram was written by Thirumangaialwar.

Vir Peru Vishavum Kanchanum Mallum

Vezhamum Paaganum Veezha

Chetravan Rhannai Pura Meri Seitha

Siva Nooru Thuyargalai Thevai

Patrala Veeya Kol Kaiyil Kondu

Paarthan Than Ther Mun Nindraanai

Sitravai Paniyaal Mudi Thurandhanai

Thiruvallikeni Kandene!

Travel and Stay

It is in the heart of city Chennai. Lot of transportation and hotel facility available.

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