Kanz al Ummal

Kanz al-Ummal

Treasure of the Doers of Good Deeds(Arabic: Kanz al-Ummal fi sunan al-aqwal wa'l af`al is a known 8 volume set Islamic hadith collection, collected by Islamic Scholar Ali ibn Abd-al-Malik al-Hindi (died 1567 CE/975 AH).


This hadith book contains daeef (weak) ahadeeth as well. So, chain of narrators has to be analyzed in order to view the correct meaning.


  • First Published by Dairat ul M`arif Hyderabad Deccan, edited by the scholars of Jamia Nizamia
  • Published by Dar al-Kotob al-Ilmmyah-Libanon, 1998, edited by moahmood Omar al-Dumiati

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