Kamppi Center

Kamppi Center

Kamppi Center (Kampin keskus, Kampens centrum) is a complex in the Kamppi district in the centre of Helsinki. It is said to be Helsinki's new downtown commercial and residential centre. As a four-year construction project, it was the largest singular construction site in the history of Finland, involving the extensive and difficult redevelopment of the Kamppi district in downtown Helsinki.

The Kamppi Center combines the commercial need for streamlined, optimized shopping environment with the necessary supply of customers by maximum accessibility and mobility. One of the first of its kind in Europe, the center consists of:

  • Central bus terminal for local buses
  • Long-distance traffic terminal (underground)
  • Kamppi metro station (underground)
  • A freight depot (underground)
  • Internal parking area (underground)
  • 6 floor shopping centre with a supermarket, shops, restaurants, night clubs and service points
  • High-class offices and residential apartments

The entire complex was opened in stages, with the new metro station entrance opened on 2 June 2005, the central bus terminal on 5 June, the long-distance bus terminal on 6 June and the shopping centre opened on 2 March 2006.

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