Kamahano was the 5th Alii Aimoku of Kauai. He ruled as titular King or chief of Kauai. He was born around 1355.

He was son of Ahukini-a-La'a, 4th Alii Aimoku of Kauai and his wife Hia-a-Kamaio, granddaughter of Luaehu, one of the southern emigrant chiefs. He married Ka'au'eanui-O-Kalani a chiefess of unknown descent. Nothing remarkable has been remembered in the legends about Kamahano or his wife Ka'au'eanui-O-Kalani. When his father Ahukini-a-La‘a, took control of the government, the districts of Puna and Kona were still at war with each other just as they had been under the rule of Ka‘ililauokekoa. The name Puna refers simply to the windward or wetter side of the island, and Kona is the leeward or drier side. On Hawai`i island however, Puna and Kona are the names of specific districts today whose climate conforms to these earlier places. During Kamahano’s reign as ali‘i aimoku, war between the districts continued. The legend are silent as nothing is known whether he had made any accomplishments or achievements to achieve peace between the districts.

For at least three generations, from La‘amaikahiki to Kamahano, war continued. It wasn’t until when Lu'anu'u, Kamahano’s son, became ali‘i nui that Kaua‘i began to prosper.


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