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Kaloi (in Sindhi "ڪلوئي") is a small, old city in Taluka Diplo, Tharparkar Sindh, Pakistan. Kaloi has a population of just over 10,000 people. The city is known as the home town of Sindh Chief Minister Arbab Ghulam Raheem. Kaloi is also the home town of [[Surendar Valasai]Bherulal Valasai], Pakistan's first English and Sindhilanguages journalists from Scheduled Castes communities and from the Thar desert and the Founder president of Scheduled Castes Federation of Pakistan (SCFP).

It is situated on the bank of "Sindh" (Sindh = Pakki Zameen in the local language, in Sindhi = سنڌي ۾ پڪي زمين) and Thar Desert. Mehrand Lake is situated on its northeastern side, the Hakro River on the northern side, Rann Kutchh on the west side, and desert on the southern side.

Transport and roads are available for each direction, to Mithi, Diplo, Naukot, and Badin. After construction of 32 KV grid station at Kaloi, and construction of various roads, Kaloi is now expanding rapidly and currently being transformed into a commercial hub for the nearby villages and towns.

Castes living in Kaloi

Now in Sindhi

ڪلوئي تعلقو ڏيپلو ٿرپارڪر سنڌ جو هڪ ننڍڙو شهر آهي. ڪلوئي هڪ تاريخي شهر آهي، پر هينئر پاڻي جي نه هجڻ ڪري تباه ٿي چڪو آهي. ڪلوئي جي آبادي تقريبن ڏه هزار کن آهي. ڪلوئي شهر کي ارباب غلام رحيم جي ڳوٺ طور سڃاتو وڃي ٿو. گزريل ڇهه مهينن کان ارباب غلام رحيم سنڌ جو وڏو وزير آهي. ڪلوئي شهر، سريندر ولاسائي، پاڪستان جي پهرئين شيڊيولڊ ڪاسٽس ۽ ٿر سان واسطو رکندڙ، ڪيترين ئي انگريزي اخبارن ۾ صحافت جا فرائض سر انجام ڏيندڙ، جو به ڳوٺ آهي.

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