Kaiyuan Za Bao

Kaiyuan Za Bao

Kaiyuan Za Bao, or Kaiyuan Chao Pao, Bulletin of the Court, was one of the world's first newspapers. It was first published in the 8th century, during the Kaiyuan era. It is generally known as the first Chinese newspaper or official gazette. Depending on whether the contents count as a magazine, it can also be considered the world's first magazine.


Its main subscribers were imperial officials. Every day the political news and domestic news were collected by the editors, and the writers transcribed it to send to the provinces. It was hand-written on silk. The gazette appeared between 713 and 734.


Printing of privately-published newspapers in China would not be established until the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). In 1582 there was the first reference to privately-published newssheets in Beijing; by 1638 the Beijing Gazette switched from woodblock print to movable type printing.


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