Kage Kara Mamoru!

Kage Kara Mamoru!

is a series of light novels written by Achi Taro. It features manga and anime adaptations. The main character is Kagemori Mamoru, a ninja who is sworn to protect his neighbor Yūna Konnyaku.


The Kagemori family has secretly protected its neighbor, the Konnyaku family, for 400 years. Mamoru has been the protector of the daughter, Yūna Konnyaku, since they were in kindergarten. When Yūna is in trouble, Mamoru quickly puts on his ninja suit and transforms into a competent ninja; able to protect her from harm. Unfortunately, this poses quite a challenge as Yūna, being both clumsy and absent-minded, often stumbles into situations where Mamoru must once again come to her rescue.

On the first day of their new school term, a model airplane accidentally makes a dive towards Yuna, but it is quickly stopped by a thrown kunai. At school, Airi Sawagashi invites Yūna to go bowling, but is unhappy when Mamoru also comes.

At the bowling alley, Yūna wanders into the men's restroom and interrupts a yakuza deal involving fake dolls. As a result, they kidnap her and take her to their boss. Mamoru follows them, takes out the gang, and rescues Yūna.

The story continues as new characters enter Yūna and Mamoru's lives with both good and evil intentions, wacky adventures, hints of romance, and confrontations with the strangest of adversaries.


Mamoru Kagemori
Kagemori Mamoru is a dowdy boy whose hair is disheveled and wears thick glasses. He is very lazy except when he's saving Yūna. He wears the glasses as a form of concealment/camouflage. He is actually the son of a ninja family. He reveals his true self (without glasses) when he transforms into a ninja to protect Yūna from harm. He has been friends with Yūna since kindergarten. He has a fear of bears. His fear of bears developed because of him trying to protect Yamame from the bear. He has always been in the same class with Yuna every year since kindergarten.
Voiced by: Kisaichi Atsushi (Japanese) Yūna Konnyaku
Yūna is Mamoru's childhood friend and neighbor. She is a quite clumsy and often ditzy girl. These qualities cause her to get into many troublesome situations. Since she has known Mamoru since kindergarten, Mamoru knows everything about her, except the thing that Yūna looks at every night before bed. The thing Yūna looks at before she goes to sleep is a photo of her and Mamoru which she cherishes. It is hinted that she is in love with Mamoru, but is afraid to admit her love to him.
Voiced by: Nakahara Mai (Japanese) Airi Sawagashi
Airi, a wealthy girl, is a classmate and friend of Mamoru and Yūna. She discourages any relationship between Yūna and Mamoru, because childhood friends who become lovers are generally unsuccessful. However, she also has feelings for Kagemori. She conceals her feelings by always beating up Mamoru but occasionally gives hints that she likes him but unfortunately Mamoru doesn't understand it.
Voiced by: Shintani Ryoko (Japanese) Tsubaki Mapputatsu
Tsubaki is a miko swordswoman. She was first hired by the yakuza boss in order avenge his earlier defeat at Mamoru's hands. She is pursuing them for the sake of justice. After finding out the truth about the yakuza boss, she takes revenge on that boss. She also decides to enter Mamoru's school. After Mamoru cheers her up while she was depressed about being old-fashioned, she begins to develop feelings for him.
Voiced by: Kojima Sachiko (Japanese) Yamame Hattori
Yamame is a ninja and a relative of Mamoru. She remembers when Mamoru comforted her when she was little; however, she is quite disappointed after seeing the glasses-wearing person he is now. After Mamoru saves her from an animal man Chin Panji, and starts to like him, she apologizes to Mamoru. The next day, Yamame decided to enter his school.
Voiced by: Shimizu Ai (Japanese) Hotaru Kumogakure
Hotaru is a ninja. She confesses her love to Mamoru when they first meet. She lost to Yamame in a ninja athletic meet after being distracted by Yamame pretending to see a UFO. She and her brother attack Mamoru in order to avenge their disgrace. Her feelings for Mamoru prevent her from defeating him. She saves Mamoru by giving him (via mouth-to-mouth) some of her family's secret medicine thus allowing him to defeat her brother. Afterwards, she moves into the neighborhood and starts attending the same school.
Voiced by: Furukawa Erina (Japanese)Bluemaru
Kagemori family's ninja dog. Despite its cute appearance, Bluemaru is actually a very skilled canine and is able to use various ninja weapons in its mouth.Sakurako Kagemori
Sakurako is Mamoru's mother. She is a ninja and is in charge of protecting Yūna's mother.Kengo Kagemori
Kengo is Mamoru's father. He is a ninja and is in charge of protecting Yūna's father.Miminosuke
Yamane's ninja rabbit companion

Ninja weapons appearing in the anime

Shinobi-gatana (忍び刀)
A short straight ninja sword.Shinodake (篠竹)
A thin bamboo used as underwater breathing tube.Kunai (苦無)
A throwing knife, also known to be used for a knife.Shuriken (手裏剣)
A throwing star, one of the most common ones.

Ninja moves

  • Kagemori Ninpō
  • Katsuramuki - traditional style hand turning of vegetables into thin sheets, and dicing vegetables. In the case in which it was used, removing Mamoru's clothes
  • Sword Stopping Nata De Coco
  • Ninja Art - Crab Shell Shield
  • Kagemori Ninja Art - White Noodle Spider Web
  • Ninja Art - Whack-a-Mole

Theme music


  1. "「ミリオン・ラブ」(Million Love)" by Nakahara Mai Ending
  2. "Rainy Beat" by Shintani Ryoko, Kojima Sachiko, Shimizu Ai, and Furukawa Erina

Episode titles

Episode # Japanese title Unofficial translation
1 まもり続けて四百年
Mamori tsuzukete yon-hyaku nen
Continuing to Protect for 400 Years
2 この世で斬れぬ物はなし
Kono yo de kirenu mono wa nashi
There Is Nothing In This World I Cannot Cut
3 忍の里から来た少女
Shinobi no sato kara kita shōjo
The Girl From The Ninja Village
4 なんてたってアイドル
Nantetatte IDOL
Such Things as an Idol
5 乙女心と侍魂
Otomegokoro to samuraidamashii
A Maiden's Heart And A Samurai's Soul
6 転校生はドキドキ美少女
Tenkousei wa dokidoki bishōjo
The Transfer Student, An Exciting Beauty
7 少年忍者マモル
Shōnen ninja Mamoru
Young Ninja Mamoru
8 沢菓家防犯大作戦!
Sawagashi ie houken taisaku-sen
Sawagashi Family Anti-Crime Strategy
9 小鐘井UFO注意報!
Konei UFO chuuihou!
Koganei's UFO Report!
10 ゆうなの黄金伝説
Yūna no ougon densetsu
Yūna's Gold Legend
11 バイバイ、ゆうな
Bai-Bai, Yūna
Bye bye, Yūna
12 陰からマモル!
Kage Kara Mamoru!
Kage Kara Mamoru!

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