KSTC channel 45 (44 digital) is a UHF television station serving the Twin Cities region Minnesota and western Wisconsin, and broadcasts a 720p HD signal. It is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting Corporation, and is sister station to the company's flagship station, KSTP-TV. However, while KSTP-TV is licensed to St. Paul, KSTC is licensed to Minneapolis. The station brands itself as FORTY5, a hint of its ties to its sister station on channel 5.

Channel 45 is the only station in the Twin Cities with its own mascot, the FORTY5 Guy, who is often seen at community events around the region.


KSTC began operations using the call letters KVBM. Although FCC records indicate that a license for KVBM was granted in 1987, no station took to the airwaves using these letters until 1994. The station rebroadcast both Minnesota Department of Transportation traffic information as well as the Home Shopping Network until it was purchased by Hubbard Broadcasting on 24 April 2000. Hubbard relaunched the station as KSTC on September 11, 2000. In order to get attention for the switch from KVBM to KSTC, the station ran an advertising campaign that confused many people in the area. Posters and broadcast ads featuring people of all ages used the phrase "I'm 45," but initially made no mention of the newly created station.

In 2003, KSTC began broadcasting two digital stations, KSTC-DT on ATSC channel 45-1 in standard definition, simulcasting the station's regular content. They also began broadcasting terrestrial HDnet in high-definition on KTSC-DT2 channel 45-2. After its contract with HDnet ended, channel 45-2 was taken off the air. It signed on again on December 1, 2006, as a high-definition sports channel including select Minnesota Wild games.


As an independent station, the station runs a variety of syndicated programming mostly consisting of TV shows no longer being produced. Movies considered one-and two-star are aired frequently. Some locally produced material is aired each week as well. Today, this mostly comes from programs originally made for KSTP, such as Sports Wrap with Anne Hutchinson and On the Road with Jason Davis.

However, in the few years it has been operating under the KSTC call letters, several other low-budget programs made specifically for KSTC have come and gone. These included a weekly horror movie broadcast under the name Horror Incorporated, hosted by Count Dracula (played by Jake Esau, the actual owner of the domain name). With the last incarnation of Horror Incorporated being hosted by Uncle Ghoulie, (Thom Lange) Carbuncle (Tim McCall), 13 (Sasha Yvonne Walloch), Gordon the Gorilla and Wolfie. As of 2004, at least one KSTC-specific program was still airing. Nate on Drums, a comedy and variety show hosted by Nate Perbix, is reportedly broadcast to a network of stations across Minnesota.

Other material adding to the local flair over the years has included a number of different sporting events. In 2004, KSTC announced a six-year over-the-air partnership with the Minnesota Timberwolves, allowing the station to broadcast the team's regular-season and postseason basketball games Also in 2004, KSTC entered into an eleven year partnership with the Minnesota State High School League to broadcast state athletic tournaments as well as educational and student programs. KSTC will pay the League $9.7 million in rights fees, plus provide an additional $10.6 million worth of promotion for those tournaments and other League programs Additionally, in December 2004, KSTC established a multi-year partnership to air Minnesota Wild ice hockey games.

Other sports have also aired on KSTC in the past, including Minnesota Twins and Saint Paul Saints baseball, boxing, and even Robot Wars-style combat between mechanical competitors.

As of the Summer of 2006, KSTC has been including actual viewers in their Programming Promotions. Most include a viewer describing their favorite scene or character from one of the shows on KSTC.

Weekday programming

Some regular programming consists of Roseanne, Cheers, Trivial Pursuit, Family Feud, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Hogan's Heroes, Frasier, King of Queens, Punk'd, That's So 70's Show, Friends, Scrubs, and Shoppers Showcase which is on from 5 A.M. to 12 P.M.

Shows that are on late at night My Wife and Kids, Comics Unleashed, and The Bernie Mac Show.

Weekend shows are Degrassi, On The Road With Jason Davis, Lost, Dead Zone, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek, ReGenesis, According To Jim, Chapelle's Show

This fall KSTC switched their "prime time" lineup. Previously it was Cheers at 8-9 P.M., and Frasier at 9-10 P.M. Frasier got moved to 5-6 P.M. Cheers got cut back to the 1 P.M. slot. KSTC picked up Trivial Pursuit, That's 70's Show, and Punk'D in the Fall of 2008.

Broadcast facilities

The station's main transmitters are located at the Telefarm installation in Shoreview, Minnesota, though a few broadcast translators are used to reach outlying areas:

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