KM 31

Kilometer 31

Kilometre 31 (Kilómetro 31 or km 31) is a 2007 Mexican horror film, written and directed by Rigoberto Castañeda. The film is inspired by the Crying Woman legend (la Llorona) and legends about highway ghosts (very popular in México). The KM 31 picture aims to combine the drama and the horror genre, a psychological horror film that is clearly influenced by the great classics such as The Shining, The Exorcist, The Omen as well as recent movies such as The Ring and The Others.


Following a horrible street accident Agata is in a coma – and Catalina begins to experience the pain and terror that her unconscious sister is going through… Catalina must try to solve the mystery of her twin sister’s accident at ‘Km. 31’, and discovers a local legend that tells of malignant spirits that prowl the highway ‘Km 31’ and who are said to prey on travellers… Following a series of terrifying events, Catalina realizes that their link is growing stronger and that her sister Agata is screaming for help from her unconscious state. With the help of Nuño, Agata’s long time friend, and Omar, Catalina’s boyfriend, they soon discover that not only is Agata in a coma, but she is also trapped between life and death, between reality and a terrible netherworld of evil spirits and ancient legend.

The film was released on February 2nd and was on top in the Mexican box office that weekend.

The film was released in selected cinemas in the United Kingdom, with English subtitles, on December 7th 2007 after its premiere at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square on 6th November 2007.

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