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Klover was a short lived Boston punk band consisting of Mike Stone (later a Queensrÿche guitarist) on vocals and guitar, Chris Doherty (x-Gang Green) on lead guitar, Darren Hill (x-Red Rockers, Paul Westerberg) on bass and Brian Betzger (x-Jerry's Kids, Gang Green) on drums.

They released only one album, "Feel Lucky Punk?" and an EP, "Beginning To End" on Mercury Records in 1995 and disbanded after the subsequent tour.


  • Feel Lucky Punk? (Mercury, 1995)

1. Our Way 2. Beginning to End 3. Here I Go Again 4. All Kindsa Girls 5. What a Waste 6. I Wanna Be 7. Memory 8. Brian 9. Illusions (Make It Go Away) 10. Sandbag 11. Building a Wall 12. Y.R.U. (Still Here)

  • Beginning To End (EP) (Mercury, 1995)

1. Beginning To End 2. Common Factor (non-lp) 3. Nothing (non-lp) 4. Building A Wall


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