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Klayborne "Klay" is a fictional character from, and one of the main antagonists of the TV Series, Chaotic.


Klay is not popular to say the least. He lies, steals and swindles newbies out of their best cards as well as grabbing any advantage over oponents that he can, but stops just short of outright cheating in matches to avoid being disqualified. He also likes to lurk in the food court and eat people's leftovers. Everyone knows Klay's a dirty slimeball, but the problem is nobody can prove it. Frankly, Klay couldn't care less what the other players think of him, and what the Code Masters don't know can't hurt him. In Perim, Klay is no more restricted by rules than by decency. He will often follow other players to good finds before jumping in and stealing their scans. Sometimes, he even tries to get rid of rivals ("dying" in Perim results in your Chaotic profile being deleted). A longtime rival of Kaz's, Klay took an instant disliking to Tom as well and has spent most of the series attempting to sabotage them. He also has British accent implying that he is from the UK.

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