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KHTS-FM, also known as "Channel 933" or simply "nine-three-three", is a Rhythmic-leaning Top 40/CHR station in San Diego, California broadcasting in analog and digital HD Radio. It is licensed in El Cajon, California and is owned by Clear Channel Broadcasting.


Prior to 1995, KHTS had been known as KECR-FM and was owned by (and broadcasted) the Family Radio religious radio network for San Diego. Family Radio decided to put KECR-FM up for sale, partially due to the fact that all other Top 40 radio stations in the San Diego market at the time actually broadcasted from Tijuana. Jacor Communications purchased the license in 1995, which was transferred to Clear Channel three years later, when Jacor was purchased. Today, Family Radio broadcasts on KECR-AM at 910 kHz.

In March 1996, KHTS began simulcasting the signal from Tampa, Florida-based WFLZ -- another Jacor station playing the CHR format which, coincidentally also operated on the 93.3 frequency. Although no local San Diego programming was produced, WFLZ anchors (Jennifer Jordan, Bubba The Love Sponge, MJ & BJ Morning Show, etc.) referred to their "San Diego listeners," included San Diego temperatures in their weather spots, and used toll-free numbers for studio call-in contests at the time. (One memorable moment during that time, with Bubba The Love Sponge, included a stretch of several hours without a single phone call from San Diego - which Bubba of course alluded to on-air).

Although the format has since diverged somewhat, the logo and color scheme still used today for Channel 933 served as the basis for the current logo of WFLZ.

During August 1996 - in what was presumably a ratings and attention stunt - the station began broadcasting a non-stop stream of various remixes of the then hugely-popular song Macarena, by Los del Río, accompanied by slogans such as "All Macarena, all the time! Twenty four hours a day! Now you never have to wait for what you want!" On Labor Day 1996, the station began broadcasting under the Channel 933 name and format, which it retains to this day.

Originally, its Top 40 direction focused on Rhythmic Top 40/Dance hits and remixes of Mainstream Pop/Rock product (thus making them a Rhythmic Top 40, mostly along the lines of WKTU/New York City), which they used to attract listeners away from Rhythmic Top 40 rival XHITZ (JAMMIN' Z90), who were also billing themselves as a Dance station at the time. KHTS' response to Z90's slogan at the time ("San Diego's Official Dance Station") was "Move To It!" and was promoted on outdoor ads.

But by August 1998 KHTS would move away from its Dance-heavy approach to a more mainstream direction (After Q106.5, which had been the Mainstream Top 40 in San Diego, was sold by KHTS' then-owner Jacor), where it has done well ever since. However they still retain a Rhythmic-leaning sound and continues to air Dance mixes on weekends.

Current Operations

It is currently the home of the AJ's Playhouse morning show. AJ's Playhouse is a morning show designed to entertain commuters and early morning workers. The show is hosted by AJ, a bay area native, Hula, the producer, and Geena the Latina. Due to Kalvin's departure in early August, they are currently searching for a fourth co-host. The show offers listeners conversations from serious topics such as relationships to funny subjects such as AJ's love for the Con and Geena's despise of cheaters. The show is greatly missed by Boy Toy Jesse who offered very amusing stories of a single father bachelor and the upbringing of a fast growing daughter. The station's slogan is "All The Hits", which it changed to from "San Diego's #1 Hit Music Station" in early 2007, and was "San Diego's Hit Music" in 2006. The latter slogan had been changed to from the original "San Diego's Dance Music" in 2000. Its call letters represent the word "hits," in reference to the station's format.

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