Ken Lloyd

Ken Lloyd

Kentaro James Shibuya Lloyd (born March 25, 1976 in London) is a British musician, vocalist and songwriter. Fluent in both Japanese and English, he writes his lyrics in both languages. He is currently in the bands Fake? and Oblivion Dust.

With an English father lawyer and a Japanese mother, Ken Lloyd graduated from high school in London, and went to university in Japan. Once in Japan, he left the university to join Oblivion Dust as the vocalist and (in a beginning) guitarist. He later said that he joined the band whilst he was drunk, and in response to his parents, whose expressed concerns about his future, he printed the message "currently disobeying my parents" on his guitar pick.

Ken also worked as a VJ on the MTV Japan show called "British Code", where he played music videos from British bands. As Oblivion Dust became more popular, he left the show to concentrate on the band.

In September 2001, Oblivion Dust disbanded. The same year, he joined up with ex-Luna Sea member Inoran and formed Fake? of which he is the vocalist and currently the only official member, after Inoran dropped out of the band in October 2005.

In 2007 he hosted a short lived radio show at Inter-FM called KEN LLOYD`S 13 DAYS every Friday from January to March 2007. He ended his stint with Inter-FM after announcing that he wanted to concentrate on the return of Oblivion Dust, but he has also announced that a new Fake? album is in the process of being written.

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