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KBRT (740 AM), known on air as "KBRT AM 740", is a Christian radio station. It airs Christian talk radio programming for Santa Catalina Island, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The station broadcasts at 10,000 Watts sunrise to sunset and 113 Watts from sunset to sunrise at 740 kHz from the hill above Avalon on Catalina Island. The studio and business offices are located in Costa Mesa. The nighttime broadcasts cannot generally be heard very far inland, local signal strength not even reaching all of Long Beach. As a result, most of the Los Angeles and San Diego area hear KCBS from San Francisco on 740 kHz after sunset. The evening and early morning programming consists of same-day rebroadcasts and a "Best of KBRT" program. They also broadcast in HD Radio and on the web.

Contractors cutting a steel antenna cable with a gas-powered circular saw caused the wildfire that began on May 10, 2007. KBRT had to shut down the transmitter, which was not damaged. Until the transmitter was repaired, the station aired only on


In 1980, the station switched to the Talk/Christian format after being purchased by Donald Crawford of Crawford Broadcasting when the assets of the original Crawford Broadcasting was split up among the heirs of its founder, evangelist Dr. Percy B. Crawford. Just prior to the switch, KBRT played Contemporary Christian Music from sunrise to sunset. The daily sign-on began with a recording of a man's voice: "Good morning. This is K-B-R-T Avalon, and we now begin another day of broadcasting over Southern California. K-B-R-T radio broadcasts on an assigned frequency of 740 kilohertz with a power output of 10,000 watts by authority of the Federal Communications Commission. K-B-R-T's transmitter is located on Santa Catalina Island, and is operated by Kiertron, Incorporated." (Note: Disc jockeys made multiple mentions of "Transmitter Tom," who actually lived on Catalina Island, and oversaw the station's transmitter.)

Air personalities included Clark Race and Johnny Magnus. Magnus featured his trademark "Weather With A Beat" where he would list U.S. and world city temperatures to an upbeat instrumental background. Previously, KBRT was known as KBIG, airing Easy Listening music.

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