KAddressBook is an address book software application made for the K Desktop Environment.


  • Exports and imports cards to and from vCard format.
  • Uses DCOP to interface with other applications.
  • Interoperable with KMail and Kopete, as well as Kontact.
  • Customize fields and categories.
  • Automatic formatting of names.
  • Filter ability, to search for addresses.
  • Capability to query an LDAP database containing person information.


KAddressBook is a graphical interface to organizing the addresses and contact information of family, friends, business partners, etc. It integrates with KDE, allowing interoperability with other KDE programs, including the e-mail client KMail -- allowing one-click access to composing an e-mail -- and the instant messenger Kopete -- showing the online status of and easy access to instant messenging contacts. It can be synchronized with other software or device using Kitchensync and OpenSync.

A contact may be classified into customizable categories, such as Family, Business, or Customer. Many of the fields can have multiple entries, for example, if the contact has several e-mail addresses. A contact's fields are separated into four tabs and one tab for custom fields. The first four tabs include:

General tab

  • Name
  • Role and Organization
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • E-mail addresses, homepage and blog feed addresses, and instant messenger addresses
  • Categories

Details tab

  • Business information
  • Nickname, birthday, personal information
  • Notes

Crypto Settings tab

Cryptography settings.

Misc tab

  • Geo-data (latitude and longitude)
  • Audio clip
  • Photo
  • Logo

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