Juushin Enbu-Hero Tales

Jūshin Enbu

is a manga currently serialized in Gangan Powered. The original story is by Huang Jin Zhou (A unit comprised of Hiromu Arakawa, Genco and Studio Flag) and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa, author of the manga Fullmetal Alchemist. The motif of the story are Chinese wuxia drama and novels. The world view is rooted in Chinese folklore and history, as well as having an element of fantasy.

On October 7 2007, an anime series based on the manga premiered in Japan titled "Juushin Enbu -HERO TALES-"(獣神演武 -HERO TALES-).


The origins of Juushin Enbu came from a work by doujin group "Dennou Sanzoku Bukando"(電脳山賊武漢堂) called "Shishi Juushin Enbu"(獅子獣神演武). The work is an illustrated net novel and later released as a doujinshi. Dennou Sanzoku Bukando is the doujin group formed by Hiromu Arakawa and Zhang Fei Long. Juushin Enbu is announced after seven years of conceptualizing and planning. Zhang Fei Long = Huang Jin Zhou = Oohara Shinya (Studio Flag).

The events that led to the announcement of Juushin Enbu (from Hiromu Arakawa interview, Pafu -March 2007 issue):

  • 2005, Huang Jin Zhou brought the plan to Hiromu which is then brought to Square Enix.
  • In the beginning of the project, Hiromu was only in charge of character design.
  • Huang Jin Zhou took care of other matters such as creating the scenario.

In Gangan Powered No.7, the truth of Huang Jin Zhou is revealed:

  • Huang Jin Zhou is the group that comprises Hiromu Arakawa, Studio Flag and Genco who created the original story.
  • Before the serialization, Hiromu and Studio Flag took seven years to conceptualize this original story.

In the manga the creators as listed as - Hiromu Arakawa, Original story: Huang Jin Zhou, Scenario: Shaaya, Art settings: Kusanagi.

Prior to the airing of the anime the volume 0 DVD of Juushin Enbu is released in limited quantities on August 17 to all Animate stores in Japan and the Comic Market 72.


It is the time of wars.

In the chaotic Empire, a group of seven heroes of the stars, the Hokushin-Tenkun, rose to lead the common folk. Out of the seven a destiny of heated battle unfolds between the "Two Noble Spirits", Hagun and Tonrou. Originally the two should not exist in the same time but the gears of Fate have turned otherwise.

In the current feeble state of the Ken Empire, the conflicting "Two Noble Spirits" - Taitou Shirei of Hagun and Keirou of Tonrou each fight for their view of justice and the peace of the countries and their home country.

In the name of Fate, the justice of whom shall prevail....?


A period piece, Jūshin Enbu features Taitou, a young man who hates the empire that rules at the time, with his sister Laila as they learn of a mysterious power Taitou holds, unbeknownst to him. Taitou is the incarnation of a mysterious star that grants him a huge amount of power that he has yet to fully master. Joining them is Ryuukou, who has power similar to Taitou, just more honed.

After Taitou's coming of age ceremony, which required him being beaten by Ryuukou, he is given the Kenkaranpu, described as a conqueror's sword, which Taitou is not even capable of drawing. Soon after, he and Laila are greeted by a man named Shimei, who wanted to take the sword. After a quick exchange of blows, Shimei explains the source of Taitou's power, the star Hagun, one of the most powerful Hokushin-Tenkun. When Shimei uses his own sword's power to cause Laila to stop breathing, Taitou becomes so angry he releases Hagun's power, draws Kenkaranpu and pins Shimei to the wall by throwing a tree through his stomach. He then turns to Ryuukou and attacks.

Despite his best efforts, Ryuukou could not overcome Hagun's power. It was only a resuscitated Laila's intervention (along with a nasty head butt) that brought Taitou to his senses. However, they all soon learn that Shimei had escaped with the sword.

At midnight, Taitou sneaks out to recover the sword. As he is leaving Ryuukou and Laila quickly join him on his journey.


The Two Noble Spirits (二天神尊)

Taitou Shirei (岱燈獅麗)
The main protagonist. A 16 year old youth. He is very head strong, does not like losing, and though reckless is quite a skilled fighter. He opposes the officials in order to protect the people and his companions. He also has a habit of repeating himself when flustered or angry.

He has the Hokushin-Tenkun mark of Hagun (破軍) on his right shoulder. He is also part of the law enforcing organization, Seiryutou (青龍党, Holy Dragon Group), which is based at Lotus Temple at Taishan. The group take care of events from rebel raids to violence inflicted by offcials. The group overestimated their strength and took on Keirou and in the end lost most of their people. Taitou, seeking revenge for his comrades, left on a journey to train up.

In the manga, the Kenkaranpu (賢嘉爛舞) was to be given to Taitou on his coming of age ceremony by Sonnei but it was seized by Shimei, turning the journey to that of the recovery of the sword. In the anime, the sword was taken by Keirō after a fight between Taito and the general during the former's invasion of the temple.

Taitou meets the emperor later on in the anime and it is revealed that Taitou is the younger brother of the emperor and that they were separated because Taitou bore the 'Hagun' mark.

Keirō (慶狼)

35 years old. He has the Hokushin-Tenkun mark of Tonrou (貪狼) on his left shoulder. A general of the imperial army and the leader of the Black Wolf Party. He aims to be the emperor of the Ken Empire and to this end forced his way into Lotus Temple with his troops to retrieve the sacred sword Kenkaranpu. It is said that the one who unsheathe it will get the right to rule as Emperor. To get the sword many monks and Seiryutou members were killed.

The Five Divine Warriors (五神闘士)

Ryuukou Mouten (劉煌孟甜)
The 18 year old bearer of the Bukyoku (武曲) mark. Uses a staff in battle, he is the adopted son of a master from another temple of the Rikka Sect. A serious person who expects highly from himself. He has a bad sense of direction. The Bukyoku mark is at his right pec. Keiro is his real father.

Hyōsei Meitoku (鳳星銘徳)

The 17 year old bearer of the Rokuson (禄存) mark. The archer of the group. Thought to be a carefree person but he is also a hot-blooded person. The Rokuson mark is at the back of his right hand.

Koyō Mougai (虎楊蒙骸)

The 22 year old bearer of the Monkoku (文曲) mark. The leader of a group of sea bandits. Although a big, lively and rough person, he has skillful fingers and has interest in cooking and make-up. He welds the eight-section staff. The Monkoku mark is at his neck.

Shōkaku Chouyou (将鶴張楊)

The 24 year old bearer of the Renjou (廉貞) mark. He is the teacher of the current emperor Taigatei. Usually seen smiling and basically a calm person, under that exterior he is actually a tatician that resorts to any means to keep the Ken Empire going. Any unknown action he takes is usually for the good of the Ken Empire. The Renjou mark is at his right palm.

Rinmei Shokan (麟盟詔韓)

The 20 year old bearer of the Komon (巨門) mark. In love with Ryuukou but she hates his unsociable atitude. She cooks for the temple Ryuukou is from. She is concerned that she looks older than her age. She is the type that becomes scary when angry. The Komon mark is at her right thigh.


Laila Seiren (頼羅青蓮)
14 years old. Taitou's little sister (not by blood). She is the daughter of Souei, the leader of Seiryutou. She is often seen quarreling with Taitou and has not lost in them. But actually she cares a lot for her 'brother'. The only person who can stop Taitou when he acts recklessly.
Taigatei (汰臥帝)
A 16 years old, the young Emperor of the Ken Empire. Fainthearted and has no self thought. He resembles Taitou.(his twin brother (episode 17))
Shimei (史明)
A follower of Keirou. He holds the demon sword of all seeing eye, Banshoushimei (萬詳史明) and is able to use spells.
Souei (曹栄)
Taitou's and Laila's father. A former member of the Imperial Army, now leader of Seiryutou. After having roamed the Empire, his master Sonnei asked him to settle down at Lotus Temple.
Sonnei (孫寧)
High priest of Lotus Temple (the headquarters of the Rikka Sect[六伽宗]) and former master of Souei. A master of the gaiden technique (外伝法) who is well known in the Empire. Has a weakness for women.
Kouchou (孔凋)
A subordinate of Keirou. A quiet and unsociable person.
Taki (侘姫)
Keirou's adopted daughter who entered the Court as a princess candidate.
Chouka (趙香)
Originally from a foreign country but stowaway to the Ken Empire. She was then picked up by Keirou and now serves him loyally. Now a court lady attached to the Emperor where she guides the weak-willed Emperor to follow Keirou's wishes.

Theme songs

Opening theme
"Winterlong" by Beat Crusaders
"Flashback" by High and Mighty Color
Ending Theme
"Kakegae no nai Hito e (かけがえのない人へ)" by Mai Hoshimura
Komorebi no Uta by High and Mighty Color

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