Justinas Burba

Justinas Burba

Justinas Burba (born August 10 1955) is a Lithuanian politician.

He is the leader of the Samogitian Parliament (Žemaitijos Parlamentas) movement, which seeks for economical autonomy for Samogitia (Samogitian Economical Authority) on the basis that economical autonomy was once (in the interwar period) promised for the region of Klaipėda, which is part of Samogitia.

Justinas Burba doesn't associates the claim with Samogitian language or culture, unlike Samogitian Cultural Society (Žemaičių kultūros bendrija) but rather with territory.

He used to be the director of the newspaper Žemaitijos Parlamentas, which isn't on print anymore. Later, he unsuccessfully tried to be elected to the parliament of Lithuania and led a large number of demonstrations against governmental organizations and their actions.

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