JustCite is a web-based legal search engine and citator from Justis Publishing Ltd. Focusing on case law and legislation, it is the only provider-neutral service that links to content from a range of publishers and includes extensive links to full-text material from online services such as BAILII, Casetrack, Informa Law, Justis, LexisNexis and WestLaw. Its international customer-base comprises barristers, solicitors, academics, students, governmental departments and researchers. It indexes over 425,000 cases, including transcripts and unreported judgments, and details whether cases are still good law. The service is supported by a number of technologies, such as Microsoft .NET and SQL server platforms, XML, SOAP, AJAX, APIs and various Web 2.0-related applications.


JustCite was developed by Justis Publishing Ltd, a company founded in London in 1986, originally trading as Context Ltd. The first version of JustCite was launched by the company in 2002, with the second being rolled out in the summer of 2007.

Justis Publishing Ltd (formerly Context Ltd) is an independent publisher of electronic legal information and provider of publishing software and services.

The company has been publishing titles online and on CD-ROM since 1986 and has secured a leading position in this sector, concentrating particularly on United Kingdom and European Union legal, official and business information. Justis customers come from government, industry and commerce, the legal and financial professions and the academic community.

Justis is widely respected as a technological innovator and its award-winning automatic linking technology has brought major benefits to users. Through its publishing services division, Justis makes its technology and expertise available to publishers and other organisations looking to add value to their information.

Justis Publishing is a member of the Scandex group of companies.


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