Jus Oborn

Jus Oborn

Justin (Jus) Oborn is the lead vocalist, lead electric guitarist and lyric-writer of Electric Wizard, an influential doom metal/stoner metal band from Dorset, England. Prior to forming Electric Wizard, Oborn was a member of the band Lord of Putrefaction, which changed its name to Thy Grief Eternal and then to Eternal.

Oborn, along with bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening, formed Electric Wizard in 1993. He has been the band's frontman since that time. Under his guidance, they became one of doom metal's most critically-acclaimed groups, releasing six albums since 1995. Two of their albums, Come My Fanatics... (1997) and Dopethrone (2000) are considered by many critics to be landmark albums in the doom metal genre. However, in the three years between the recording of these two albums, Oborn was reportedly arrested for marijuana possession, suffered a collapsed eardrum during a concert, and severed a fingertip while cutting hardboard.

In early 2003, Bagshaw and Greening left the band, making Oborn the only founding member who remains. Later in that year, Oborn gathered a new line-up for the band – which included his wife, Liz Buckingham, as second guitarist. She has remained part of the band ever since, with her and Oborn both handling guitar duties on Electric Wizard's most recent releases, We Live (2004) and Witchcult Today (2007).


During 1988, Jus Oborn formed the doom metal band Lord of Putrefaction, they recorded two demos. The band then changed its name to Thy Grief Eternal and recorded the On Blackened Wings demo. The band then became known simply as Eternal and recorded the Lucifer's Children demo, before disbanding. At this point, Jus Oborn formed Electric Wizard.

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