Juran Institute

Juran Institute


The Juran Institute is an international consulting company founded by quality expert Joseph M. Juran in 1979. It provides training and consulting services in quality improvement and management as well as Six Sigma certification.

Juran Institute headquarters are based in Southbury, Connecticut with offices in China, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

The institute began as an effort to transcribe Juran's decades of knowledge into a series of audiocassettes in the late 1970s, as inspired by a similar effort by Peter Drucker. This effort, with the help of his granddaughter's boyfriend, G. Howland Blackiston eventually became a small business video production company with an office in the United Nations Plaza in New York City. Together they produced the "Juran on Quality Improvement" series of videocassettes of which they sold nearly $16 million.

With the success of the videocassette series, customers began to ask for help institutionalizing quality improvement in their businesses. To meet this need, the Juran Institute began offering consulting services and moved its headquarters to Wilton, Connecticut to be able to attract professionals to add to its consulting staff. In 1987, the Institute hired its first professional manager, Dr. A. Blanton Godfrey from AT&T to be its first CEO.

Sales peaked in 1994 and declined through 1999, but its fortunes turned around with the increasing demand for Six Sigma training.

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