Jup-Jup is a recurring character on the children's television show Hi-5. He is voiced by Tim Harding and Noni McCallum in the Australian version and Curtis Cregan in the American version. He causes mischief, perpetually unseen by Sun Park's (formerly Kathleen de Leon's) character (or Kimee Balmilero's in the American version), by either stealing objects she is working with or leaving her gifts. Her segment, which teaches puzzles and patterns, generally involves overcoming the obstacle set by Jup-Jup to create an even better product, demonstrating problem solving skills for the young audience.

Jup-Jup is a puppet and will commonly shout his own name and/or pop out from the various double doors in Sun's space. The introduction leading into Sun's segment is an animation of the various doors opening, first showing a pineapple, then flowers, then a cactus, then an animated Jup-Jup.

Jup Jup is a popular character due to his mischievousness.

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