Jug may refer to:

  • Jug (container), a vessel for liquids
  • Jug (musical instrument), used for rhythmic bass accompaniment
  • A crossbreed between a Pug and a Jack Russell Terrier
  • Java User Group (JUG), a group of people who meet to discuss the Java programming language
  • Jug, the nickname for the P-47 Thunderbolt
  • Jug Rock, a natural geological formation located outside of Shoals.
  • Jughandle, a type of road junction
  • Jug hold, a type of hand hold in rock climbing
  • Jug sling, a type of knot
  • Jug Dubrovnik, a water polo club from Dubrovnik
  • Juggs, a pornographic magazine in the United States
  • JUG is believed to be an abbreviation for 'Justice Under God', a term used by some Catholic schools in place of detention. However, JUG comes from the Latin word "Jugum" which means burden or yoke...hence if you receive this "jugum", you are under a burden (detention perhaps?) or yoke.
  • JUG is an acronym or abbreviation of 'Just use Google'.

Jug may also be:

Jugs may be:

  • A slang term for a pair of Women's breasts - particularly those of a large size. Derived from the caricature of the female breast as a milk carrying and delivery device cf. Milk Jug. The term is rarely, if ever, used singly in this context.

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