Judy Hensler

Judy Hensler (television character)

Judy Hensler is a fictional character in the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver. The show aired from October 4, 1957 to June 20, 1963. Judy is a recurring character portrayed by Jeri Weil. She appeared in 31 of the show's 234 episodes.


Judy Hensler is a classmate of the series' hero, "Beaver" Cleaver. She makes her first appearance in the premiere episode, "Beaver Gets 'Spelled" as a student in Miss Canfield's second grade class. Judy is a goody-goody who snitches on her school fellows, especially Beaver. In one episode, she believes Beaver is Miss Canfield's pet and urges him to prove her wrong by putting a spring-action snake in the teacher's desk drawer. Beaver does and regrets it. In another episode, Beaver begs his parents to buy him a sweater in a shop window. They buy it and Beaver wears it to school, only to discover Judy has the same sweater. Believing he has bought a girl's sweater, Beaver stuffs the sweater behind a candy machine at the movie theater and then faces discipline at home. On the show, Judy is rarely seen outside the classroom. She tries to curry favor with her teachers but they are aware of her deviousness and keep her in check. Judy's parents are seen briefly in an episode about Beaver being chosen to perform in a school play as a canary. Her last appearance is in the episode, "Beaver Becomes a Hero" (October 1960).


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