Joy Wilt Berry

Joy Berry

Joy Berry, also known as Joy Wilt Berry and Joy Wilton Berry (born 1944) is an author best known for her "Self Help" books for kids which are intended to teach their children to assume responsibility for themselves and their actions. In her 30 years as an author, she has published over 250 titles which have sold over 83 Million copies worldwide. Her works have been published by Children's Press, Encyclopedia Britannica, Grolier, Parents, Scholastic, Time-Life, and World Book. Her most recent work is "Mine and Yours", a joint project with Amnesty International that deals with human rights. She is also a child developmentalist and educator.

Book series

  • "The Survival Series for Kids" series (also known as "What to Do When Your Mom or Dad Says..." series); illustrated by Lynn Bartholomew; 30 books.
  • "Let's Talk About Being..." series (also known as: "Help Me Be Good", "A Children's Book about Being...", and "Social Skills Book about"); illustrated by John Costanza and Lynn Bartholomew 29 books.
  • The "Ready, Set, Grow" Series (also known as "A Children's Book about..." and "A Kid's Guide..."); illustrated by Ernie Hergenroeder; 24 books.
  • "Good Answers to Tough Questions About..." series; illustrated by Lynn Bartholomew.

The Human Race Club

"The Human Race Club", is a series of animated videos, books, and most notably music albums, the third of which tell of the adventures of a group of kids as they explore the various themes discussed in the albums. A total of 12 were released beginning in 1982 on Peter Pan Records. In these albums, there was also a character called "Ms. Joy Berry" based on the author herself.

Each record addressed two areas of learning concerning child development. The albums are:

  • "No More Feeling Weird" (Human Similarities/Human Uniqueness)
  • "No More Feeling Cheated" (Human Sexuality/Human Rights and Responsibilities)
  • "No More Feeling Yucky" (Physical Needs/Emotional Needs)
  • "No More Boredom" (Creative Needs/Intellectual Needs)
  • "No More Fighting" (Parent-Child Relationships/Sibling Relationships)
  • "No More Losing" (Communication Skills/Handling Disagreements)
  • "No More Rudeness" (Social Needs/Manners)
  • "No More Feeling Left Out" (Family Life/Friendship)
  • "No More Bad Decisions" (Prejudice/Decision Making and Problem Solving)
  • "No More Being Afraid" (Danger/Trauma)
  • "No More Wasting Time" (Television/Time Management)
  • "No More Wasting Money" (Money Management/Consumerism)

As of 2008, the albums are out of print, and have yet to be rereleased on CD.

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