Glover, Jose, d. 1638, English nonconformist minister, generally considered the father of printing in the English colonies of North America. He visited New England c.1634 and on his return to England solicited support for what became Harvard College. He also bought a printing press and equipment and contracted for the services of Stephen Daye and his household (including Matthew Daye). Glover died on the voyage to America. His wife came into control of the printing equipment, and Stephen and Matthew Daye worked for her.

Species (Aspidiotus perniciosus) of scale insect first discovered in North America at San Jose, Cal., in 1880 but probably a native of China. A waxy gray secretion (the scale) covers the yellow females, which are about 0.06 in. (1.5 mm) in diameter. The scale is elevated in the center and is surrounded by a yellow ring. The female produces several generations of living young each year. San Jose scales can completely cover tree branches and may eventually kill the tree.

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City (pop., 2000: 894,943), west-central California, U.S. Located southeast of San Francisco, San Jose was the first civic settlement in California. Founded in 1777 as a farming community, it became a Spanish military supply base and was the state's first capital (1849–52). In 1850 it became the first chartered city in California. It was a trade depot for the California gold fields. The railroad from San Francisco improved trade connections for the produce of nearby farms. San Jose is a processing and distribution centre for a rich agricultural area producing fruit and wine. It is part of Silicon Valley, and its industries include the manufacture of electronic, computer, and aerospace components, auto parts, and consumer goods.

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Jose is the English transliteration of the Hebrew and Aramaic name Yose, which is etymologically linked to Yosef or Joseph. The name was popular during the Mishnaic and Talmudic periods. Many Hispanics and Latinos have the name, its one of the most popular names for Hispanics. Some famous people with this name include:

It can be also a friendly short-form for females named Josefina in Spanish-speaking countries.

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