Jolarpet is a panchayat town in VelloreDistrict,Tamil Nadu,India.It is an important railway junction in Southern Railway. It is located at 18km from vaniyambadi. Jolarpet Municipality was constituted in the Year 1971 as Ist Grade Town Panchayat, from 24.02.1982 upgraded as Selection Grade Town Panchayat and was subsequently upgraded as IIIrd Grade Municipality from 01.07.2004. It had a population of 40959 and an extent of 13.06.Sq Km. The town is divided into 18 Wards. The Municipal Office is situated at Gandhi Road near by Jolarpet Railway junction.

District State Latitude Longitude Population
Vellore Tamil Nadu 12.56 78.58 40959


Jolarpet is a third grade municipality in vellore district is located at 80 Km East from Vellore 7 Km West from the Tirupathur Regarding transporation linkage, the NH – Krishnagiri passes through the town and other two roads originating from the centre of town. Jolarpet is on to Tirupattur Taluk and is situated near Jolarpet Railway Junction. Itwith Bangalore, Kerala Highway No 11 and also it is in Vellore to salem main Road


Almost whole of the Jolarpet Municipality consists of flat terrain. The general slope is towards south east and the small streams that rise in Elagiri hills situated in the west eventally fall into Palar river. The topography of Jolarpet in plain and is situated at an altitude of 186.75 Metres above mean sea level. The wind direction is predominant towards south west in the whole of the year However, during summer it is from south west to north east.


The seasonal climate conditions are moderate. Weather is colder during winter and hotter in summer due to hills and forests surrounding the town. The seasons are classified as follows.

Cold Weather Hot Weather South West Monsoon North East Monsoon
Mid December to end of February March, April and May June to mid October Mid October to mid December

The average maximum and minimum temperature are 42Ÿ C and 13Ÿ C respectively.The town is having maximum rainfall of 35cm, 37cm during the September, October and November. Light moderate rainfall of 10cm to 32cm occurs during the months of June, July & August.

The Wind direction during April to September is southwest. September is usually a still cold month, with light and varying winds by October the winds shifts to northeast succeeded by North-East monsoon and winter season begins. The South-West wind begins to carry on the southwest monsoon with occasional showers up to August.

Vacation spot:

About Yelagiri Hills

This hill-station is 3-4 hours drive from Chennai or Bangalore and is at a height of 920m above sea level. It is one of the quieter hill destinations of Tamil Nadu and is surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens and green valleys. The up-hill drive, with 14 hair-pin bends, takes you through some spectacular scenery. Yellagiri is basically a cluster of villages surrounded by four hills. The main settlements are at Athnavur and Nilavur. A peaceful and unexplored area, the destination has not been commercialised, and offers you a picturesque and unpolluted ambience.

YelagiriAthanur town is the epicenter of this small hill station tucked away in Tamilnadu. Judging by those tiny hamlets scattered all across, it would seem pretty obvious that it isn't heavily populated. The tribals who inhabit these hills are mainly into agriculture and jackfruit seems to be their major claim to fame. Also honey. Ashort drive to the market place confirms this. On sale were lots of mounds of jackfruit, bottles filled with honey plus of course, vegetables and various sundry items intended for the local populace. No shopping malls or curio vendors hustling and tugging at sleeves of tourists.

YelagiriThankfully, there isn't much traffic on those narrow roads, though Saturdays, Sundays does account for a fair share of tourists or revelers who drive up from nearby places for the weekend. The weather in summer isn't nippy, but certainly very pleasant, especially the evenings, when a cool breeze blows across the hills. So don't worry about lugging tons of warm clothing. Of course, during the monsoon season and in winter, they say Yelagiri does 'chill out'. And that's another experience.

Yelagiri Hills is for easy-paced, relaxed weekends; an ideal getaway from the hustle, bustle and madness of the city. No Internet, no mobile phones and no deadlines. Just come n relax.

Jalagamparai Waterfalls

A lovely waterfall about an hour's trek from Yelagiri has been created by the Attaru River, which flows through the Yelagiri hills. It's a very attractive spots for loving couples. The Government Silk Farm is famous for its mulberry plantations. The sericulture tour can provide you immense pleasure as you get a chance to see silk farm from very close.

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