Jokerman: Tommy Tiernan in America

Jokerman: Tommy Tiernan in America is the fourth DVD release from Tommy Tiernan and was filmed over a 2 year period. It follows Tommy's attempt to make it in America. It was filmed in various comedy club's in New York, Washington, and other places from Omaha to Sacramento. Material for the gigs from obtained from the various experiences he encountered, both good and bad, and the differnt people and cultures that he came across over the two year period.

DVD tracklist

  1. Lonely in New York
  2. Clubtown California
  3. Montreal
  4. You don't need to curse in order to be funny
  5. Vastland
  6. I love guns
  7. Where'd everyone go ?
  8. The late show

Bonus features

  1. Irish gala 2006 (Filmed at Just for Laughs, The Montreal Comedy Festival)
  2. Full New York club gig
  3. 10 years of Tommy on the late late show
  4. weblink

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