John Adair

John Adair

Adair, John, 1757-1840, American pioneer in Kentucky, b. North Carolina. He went into the Kentucky country in 1786 and became famous as an Indian fighter and as a political leader. In the War of 1812 he was a commander of Kentucky volunteers in the battle of New Orleans. As governor of Kentucky (1820-24) he adopted a vigorous program of internal improvement to fight hard times. He was (1831-33) a member of the House of Representatives.

John Adair (c. 1655 - 1722) was a Scottish surveyor and mapmaker, noted for the excellence of his maps.

He first came to public notice in 1683, with a prospectus published in Edinburgh for a "Scottish Atlas" stating that the Privy Council of Scotland had engaged Adair, a "mathematician and skilfull mechanick", to survey the shires of Scotland. He surveyed the coast of Scotland from 1686, and was made a fellow of the Royal Society in 1688. The only part of the coastal survey appeared in 1703.

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