Joe Boudreau

Joe Boudreau

Joe Boudreau (born George Joseph Boudreau November 2, 1960) is a American artist.

Born in Vincennes, Indiana, Boudreau moved with his family to Baltimore, Maryland at the age of seven. It was in Baltimore that he spent most of his formative years and where he resolved to be an artist. In 1978 Boudreau was accepted into the Pratt Institute and received a BFA from the institution in 1981. He went on to study at the Maryland Institute of Art.

Boudreau's signature works show the influence of both the New York School, and Neo-expressionism. They are also defined by the recurring use of specific images. Boudreau has named some of these images as the "suit guy," an everyman, the "necklace," communicating tension, and the "black kidney" with the "fishhook," a contrasting and overlaying element. Other recurring images in his works are bright halo-like ellipses, and dogs.


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