Jockey Challenge

Jockey Challenge

The Jockey Challenge in thoroughbred racing occurs when punters choose their favourite jockey who they believe will be the most successful rider at a particular race meeting or over a carnival series of meetings. The winner is based on the greatest number of points that accumulate over the meeting or meetings.

3 Points for a first place

2 points for a second place

1 Point for a third place

Hong Kong Jockey Challenge

The Hong Kong Jockey Club will launch its own version of Jockey Challenge for the Hong Kong market on 20 April 2008. In doing so, the Club will break more than a century of tradition by offering Jockey Challenge as a fixed odds bet type.

There will be 12 selections on a Jockey Challenge coupon - 11 individual jockeys and a 12th category called "Others". Should any jockey other than the first-named 11 individuals win the challenge at a given meeting, the punter backing number 12 ("Others") will have a winning ticket.

Jockeys will earn:

- 12 points for a win;

- 6 points for second; and

- 4 points for third

in each of the races on the programme. No points are earned for any other placings. The jockey with the greatest number of points at the end of the day is the winner.

There is also a set of rules related to withdrawals and abandoned races etc.


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