Jobstown (pronounced /dʒəʊbz.taʊn/)(Irish: Ráth Miontáin ) is an area of West Tallaght, Tallaght itself being the 2nd largest suburb of Dublin, Ireland next to Coolock on Dublin's northside. The West Tallaght area encompasses Jobstown, Killinarden, Fettercairn, Cushlawn, Rossfield and Brookfield, and has suffered from social issues during its rapid development from green fields.

Location and access

Jobstown lies between seven and nine miles from the centre of Dublin and can be accessed from the city centre by Dublin Bus routes 77 and 56A, and from Ballyfermot by route 76. It can also be accessed from the city by Luas, via Tallaght Hospital or The Square Shopping Centre - Jobstown is a 15 minute walk from these.


Jobstown was once a small rural community on the fringes of Tallaght, close to the western foothills of the Dublin mountains where farming was a central feature of every-day life. Today, it is a densely populated outer suburb, still in developmental phase like its south city counterparts, Crumlin and Ballyfermot 60 years ago.

Social issues

Because of the social problems attendant on the birth of a new community, the Government has initiated a number of community-based projects to counteract a negative youth culture which developed unchecked when the large local authority housing stock was built without a supporting social structure. These initiatives, though late in coming, are beginning to bear fruit, aided in great measure by the enthusiasm of the community.

The social problems identified in the West Tallaght/Jobstown area are the most pressing found the south or west Dublin areas, however, issues identified by the EU in its 'Edge Cities' report of 2005 reported the only districts of Dublin City that continue to suffer unacceptable levels of social exclusion are north Ballymun and Darndale, both found in Dublin north.

Points of note

Jobstown's most famous citizen was the world renowned war correspondent, William Howard Russell (1821-1907) who was born at Lilyvale in Jobstown (Kiltalown House), Tallaght. He was a journalist with The Times and reported on Daniel O’Connell’s repeal campaign and on the great famine of 1847. On the outbreak of the Crimean War, he became the first war correspondent and was later knighted for his work.

A well-known contemporary citizen from the West Tallaght area is Robbie Keane, English Premiership soccer player. Several Eircom League soccer players are from the area as well, and Richard Dunne, Irish international and English Premiership soccer player. Philip Hogarty was also from Tallaght. Philip was Irish Chess Union Chairman from 2006 until his death on January 1 2008.

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