Jison-in is a temple site that marks the entrance to the pilgrimage route of Koyasan.

The Japanese Kanji are:

慈尊院 Jison-in
高野山 Koyasan
空海 Kobo Daishi
金剛峰寺  Kongobu-ji 
丹生明神  Niu Myojin 

"Koyasan includes "Kongobu-ji" that was built by Kukai in 816 as the principal stage for esoteric Buddhism on a 800m high mountain basin, "Jison-in" that was built as an administrative office to facilitate the construction and management of Kongobu-ji, "Niukanshofu-jinja" that was constructed as a guardian shrine to protect the Niukanshofu estate of Kongobu-ji and "Niutsuhime-jinja that is situated in the Amano basin between Kongobu-ji and Jison-in which is closely connected to Koyasan and enshrines "Koya Myojin," who legend tells gave land to Kukai when he choose the compound of Kongobu-ji, and "Niu Myojin," who legend tells guided him, and all of them are connected by the pilgrimage route "Koyasan Choishimichi".


Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range

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