Jingjiang (Chinese: 靖江; pinyin: Jìngjiāng) is a county-level city in China's Jiangsu province. It is located on the northern bank of the Yangtze river. Originally belonging to Yangzhou city, Jingjiang was transferred to Taizhou city in 1996. The area of Jingjiang is 673 square kilometres and the population is 660,000.

The city consists of ten towns:

  • Jingcheng (靖城镇)
  • Xinqiao (新桥镇)
  • Dongxing (东兴镇)
  • Xieqiao (斜桥镇)
  • Xilai (西来镇)
  • Jishi (季市镇)
  • Gushan (孤山镇)
  • Hongguang (红光镇)
  • Shengci (生祠镇)
  • Maqiao (马桥镇)

In addition the city has a development zone (Jingjiang Development Zone) and an Administrative district (城南办事处).

The city is noted for its pork jerky and its steamed dumplings filled with crab juices.

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