Jingdezhen or Fowliang, city (1994 est. pop. 294,000), NE Jiangxi prov., China, on the Chang River. It is world famous for its fine porcelain, made since the Han dynasty (202 B.C.-A.D. 220) from the white clay, kaolin, found near Poyang Lake to the west. Coal is mined in the region. The city reached its greatest fame under the Northern Sung dynasty (c.1000), when it supplied porcelain to the royal household. It declined after heavy damage in the Taiping Rebellion. The name sometimes appears as Ching-te-chen.
Jingdezhen (Wade-Giles: Ching-te-chen), or the Town of Jingde, is a prefecture-level city, previously a town, in Jiangxi Province, China, with a city population of 311,200 (estimate 2006) has been termed the "Porcelain Capital" (瓷都) because of its production of quality pottery. It has a 1700-year-old history of pottery production.


Jingde Town (景德鎮) was originally Changnan Town (昌南鎮) and renamed Southern Song Dynasty after an emperor's era name, during whose ruling period its production was most recognized.

In the 19th century, Jingde Town became a county (Jingde County). Under the People's Republic of China, it became a provincial city (county-level), whose name incorporates the entire expression "Jingde Town": Jingdezhen City (景德镇市). Usually when a town is upgraded to a city, "Town" is replaced by "City" (it would be "Jingde City" in this case). The retaining of "Town" is mainly for ease of recognizing its famous history.


Jingdezhen City governs four areas:

Jingde Town had been under the Fuliang County (浮梁縣) in most of the dynastic history (and completely so when it was Changnan Town). But now the administration hierarchy is inverted, with Fuliang County being under the Jingde Town City.


Jingde is in northeastern Jiangxi and neighbours Anhui. Its area is 5,246 km² with a population of 1,499,200. The highest point is 1,618-metre, with plains on the southern part with the average height of 200 metres.

It produces kaolinite, coal, manganese, and lime.

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