Jim Carter

Gentleman Jim Carter

Gentleman Jim Carter was a radio disc jockey.

Most notable during a career that spanned 20 years, in October 1972 Carter created a major firestorm throughout the radio industry when he created a "Freak Show" at WBAB in Babylon, Long Island, New York. Nothing like it had ever hit the airwaves with such ferocity nor has it since! It is said that Howard Stern used to listen to the Freak Show late at night while still in high school in a neighboring village on Long Island and was inspired to get into radio by listening to Gentleman Jim Carter nightly. The show attracted national attention from several national periodicals including The Bob Hamilton Radio Report, Programmer's Digest and even Penthouse Magazine. Calling his listeners "freaks", they were invited to call in and create original bits on the air which were outrageously hilarious to say the least! Years ahead of his time and utilizing his skills of being able to get his listeners to say some of the strangest things ever uttered over the airwaves, Carter has been heralded as one of the best communicators in radio history. A genuine one-of-a-kind radio original! He now resides in San Antonio, Texas and is retired. Gentleman Jim Carter worked in markets such as San Diego, Boston, New York City, Dallas and over 30 radio stations during his 20 year career. Other links include: www.ultimateoldiesradio.com and www.440int.com/440sat.html

Carter is also a "severe weather enthusiast". He enjoys chasing thunderstorms in hopes of capturing a tornado on video. Ironically, back in April of 1979, Carter had a very close encounter with a twister. In Wichita Falls, Texas, while racing back to assist his landlord, Carter's car was "run over" by a tornado. The F5 (the strongest, most destructive Fujita scale rating of tornado strength) rated storm pummeled his car, lifting it off the ground, and gouged a large crease across the roof. He survived the violent tornado encounter with only minor injuries. His landlord also survived the storm.

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