Jersey Bound Trunk Crew

Jersey Bound Trunk Crew

Jersey Bound Trunk Crew is a hip-hop group based in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The group consists of Emcee Hype on rhymes, Party.picasso on the mpc2000xl and guitars, and DJ Gumshu on the 1’s and 2’s & keyboards. The members say they draw on an extensive list of influences including old school rap, funk, jazz, poetry, film, pop culture and literature. The members of Jersey Bound Trunk Crew have released five albums, (two as Jersey Bound Trunk Crew) including their latest release, Get Down Dirty Disco.

Recognition and MTV

Starting the week of February 5th, 2007, Jersey Bound Trunk Crew was named mtvU's Artist of the Week in their Best Music on Campus program.. The music video for their 2007 song 'Run.Live.Love' was featured on mtvU, which plays online and at college campuses nation-wide.

In March 2007, Jersey Bound was selected as one of mtvU and Epic Records' Top 50 in their Artist of the Year contest on The winner of the contest wins a $1.5 million record deal with Epic Records.

In April, by a combination of votes received and judging by a panel from mtvU and Epic, the group made it into the Top 15 in the mtvU and Epic Records contest. Each of the Top 15 artists are to sign an option deal with Epic. The mtvU and Epic Records contest ended in May, a rock band winning the contest. Jersey Bound Trunk Crew signed a three month option contract with Epic Records.

Jersey Bound Trunk Crew performed at the MTV & EA Games "Rock Band Tour" on October 4th - 6th in Pittsburg.


  • Get Down Dirty Disco (2006)


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