Jeremy Bolt

Jeremy Bolt

Jeremy Bolt is a British film producer who often works with Paul W. S. Anderson at Impact Pictures.

Since creating Impact Pictures with Paul WS Anderson in 1992, producer Jeremy Bolt has produced the majority of Anderson’s movies. Their first collaboration, 1994’s Shopping starring Jude Law (Channel Four Films), was an action packed film about joyriding and ram-raiding British youth that revved up Bolt’s career and established his love of cars and death defying races. Having gotten Hollywood’s attention, Bolt was producing big budget films such as Event Horizon (Paramount) and Soldier (Warner Bros). 2002’s Resident Evil (Sony Screen Gems) was the first movie under the pair’s joint venture deal with Germany’s leading independent distributor, Constantin Film and made $100M worldwide.

Under the joint venture with Constantin, Bolt has also produced 2004’s Resident Evil: Apocalypse Sony Screen Gems (written by Anderson and directed by Alexander Witt), the psychological horror The Dark (directed by John Fawcett), teen actioner DOA: Dead Or Alive (directed by Cory Yuen for Dimension), an adaptation of Tecmo’s best-selling videogame franchise, and the third movie in the block-busting Resident Evil franchise, 2007’s Resident Evil: Extinction that debuted in the #1 US box office position and has so far grossed $150M worldwide. Also in 2007, Bolt produced Death Race with Jason Statham, Joan Allen and Ian McShane, a reimagining of the Roger Corman classic, with Cruise/Wagner Productions for Universal Pictures.

As well as producing big budget genre movies, Jeremy has proved his talents as a versatile and eclectic filmmaker, producing the art house film Vigo for Film Four (directed by Julian Temple), and the comedy Stiff Upper Lips (starring Peter Ustinov). He has also produced There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble (starring Ray Winstone and Robert Carlyle), and teen horror The Hole (starring Thora Birch and Keira Knightley), both for Pathe Pictures.

Bolt is currently shooting sci-fi horror Pandorum for Constantin & Overture Films, starring Dennis Quaid & Ben Foster. Also upcoming is Castlevania for Rogue/Universal Pictures to be directed by Sylvain White, and a remake of The Long Good Friday for Sony and Handmade Films.

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