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Jehoiada, in the Bible. 1 High priest. He married Jehosheba, a princess of Judah, and together they saved the infant Jehoash. They led the conspiracy against Athaliah that put Jehoash on the throne (see Jehoash 2). Jehoiada was buried with the kings of Judah. His son was Zechariah the martyr. 2 Priest and ally of David, father of Solomon's general Benaiah. At one point he is apparently called Benaiah's son. 3 Priest. 4 Worker on the wall of Jerusalem. 5 Priest who held office in Nehemiah's regime.
Jehoiada is the name of two priests in the Hebrew Bible:

First Jehoiada

The first Jehoiada lived around the time of Kings Saul and David. A priest, he is mentioned as the father of Benaiah, a warrior in David's army who eventually became the head of the army under Solomon.

Second Jehoiada

Jehoiada was the High priest under Ahaziah, Athaliah, and Joash. By his arranged (by King Ahaziah) marriage with the princess Jehosheba, he became the brother-in-law of Ahaziah (II Chron. xxii. 11) who died shortly thereafter in battle at Megiddo.

About ninety years old at the time of this marriage to the young princess, he was instrumental in the staging of the coup that dethroned and killed the ultra wicked Queen Athaliah. Jehosheba and Jehoiada rescued the infant Joash from Athalias slaughter of the royal children. For six years he hid the sole surviving heir to the throne, within the temple.

He lived 130 years, during which he guided young Joash in a righteous rule for about 35 years. 2 Chronicles 24:14b-16 Jehoiada's son Zechariah was later martyred by King Joash.

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