Jebel Uweinat

Jebel Uweinat

Jebel Uweinat (1934 m; جبل العوينات "mountain of sourcelets"; also spelled Auenat, Ouenat, Ouinat, Owainat, Oweinat, Uwaynat, Uweinat, Uwenat, Uweynat etc.) is a mountain range in the area of the Egyptian-Libyan-Sudanese border. The area is notable for its prehistoric petroglyphs first reported by the Egyptian explorer Ahmed Pasha Hassanein--the discoverer of Uweinat. Its western part consists of intrusive granite, arranged in a ring shape of some 25 km diameter, ending in three valleys (wadis) towards the west, Karkur Hamid, Karkur Idriss and Karkur Ibrahim. Its eastern part consists of sandstone, ending in Karkur Talh. In Karkur Murr there is a permanent oasis (Guelta), Ain al-Brins (Bir Murr).


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