Jean Améry

Jean-Baptiste Cléry

Jean-Baptiste Cléry (1759-1809), was the personal valet to King Louis XVI.


Before the Revolution

First serving as secretary of the Princess of Guéménée, he was made valet of the dauphin (who would become Louis XVII).

During the Revolution

Cléry became the valet of Louis XVI when he was imprisoned in the Temple until January 21, 1793. Although he was arrested on September 25, 1793, he avoided the fate of the guillotine and was freed on July 27, 1794.

After the Revolution

Cléry became valet to the Count of Provence (future Louis XVIII) and gave him his journal detailing the events of the revolution. His journal gave an account of what he saw of his touching farewell with his family. The journal was published and was well received , earning Cléry some money.

Cléry moved to Austria and purchased an estate where he stayed until his death in 1809.


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