Jazz by Sun Ra

Jazz by Sun Ra

Jazz By Sun Ra (later titled Sun Song) is the debut album to be released by Sun Ra. The record label for the first pressing says "07-12-56", presumably when it was recorded. The LP originally appeared on Tom Wilson's short-lived Transition Records. In the mid-1960s it was licenced to Delmark Records, finally being reissued in 1967.

When originally released, it came with an extensive booklet featuring words and photos of Sun Ra and his Arkestra.

Track listing

12" vinyl version

Side A

  1. "Brainville" (Ra) - 4:29
  2. "Call for all Demons" (Ra) - 4:30
  3. "Transition" (Ra) - 3:40
  4. "Possession" (Revel) - 5:00
  5. "Street Named Hell" (Ra) - 3:55

Side B

  1. "Lullaby for Realville" (Evans) - 4:40
  2. "Future" (Ra) - 3:15
  3. "New Horizons" (Ra) - 3:05
  4. "Fall off the Log" - Ra) (4:00
  5. "Sun Song" (Ra) - 3:40


  • Ra-p, Hammond B-3 org; Art Hoyle-tp, bells, Dave Young-tp, Julian Priester-tb, chimes, James Scales-as, John Gilmore-ts, woodblocks, Pat Patrick-bs, bells, Richard Evans-b, Wilburn Green-eb, tamourine, Robert Barr-d, bells, Jim Herndon-tympani, timbales. Universal Studios, Chicago, 7/12/56.
  • [Personnel and dates from Delmark album jacket, additional perc credits from Raben and Buzelin, presumably from Transition liner. According to Hoyle, Evans was the regular bassist when he joined but was soon replaced by Wilburn Green; Evans may have come back on board for this recording session]


  • Transition TRLP J-10 (1957)
  • Delmark DL-411 (1967)
  • Sonet SLP23 (Sweden)
  • Delmark DD-411 (1991, CD)


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