Jazz Box

Jazz Box

Jazz box redirects here. For the guitar type known colloquially by this name, see archtop guitar.

Jazz Box or Jazz Square is a dance move seen in numerous dances of variuous styles: line dance, novelty dances, jazz dance, disco, hip hop, etc. The name comes from its basic footwork: its four steps form a square pattern.

Basic footwork

  1. Step left foot across the right foot
  2. Step right foot back behind the left foot
  3. Step left foot sideways parallel to the right foot
  4. Step right foot forward in front of the left foot
  5. Repeat all

In particular choreographies the pattern may start from any step of the sequence and may also be mirrored, i.e., started from the right foot.

Variants of styling are endless, including various arm and body movements, Suzie Q action on steps 1, 2, skips and hops at some or all steps, etc.

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