Jawbone (musician)

Jawbone (musician)

Jawbone is the pseudonym of Bob Zabor, an American blues musician from Detroit. He is particularly unusual in that he is a one-man band. The instruments he plays include the harmonica, the guitar and the tambourine.

He deliberately aims for a lo-fi sound, akin to early blues recordings.

He is steadily gaining cult popularity in the UK thanks to appearing on the John Peel show, and also being included on various magazine CDs there.


  • Dang Blues (2004 CD)
  • hi-de-hi b/w walter john (7" Record)
  • Johnny Cash Tribute CD (free with Mojo magazine, featuring "Get Rhythm")
  • This Is Punk Rock Blues Vol. 1 (Various Artists, CD featuring "4-11-44")
  • Hauling (2006 CD)
  • Chug a Lug b/w Get Rhythm (7" Record)

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