James Robert Barnes (born October 17, 1964) is an American Musician and

composer of Experimental music and Soundscapes. Besides the woodwinds, he also plays the keyboard, guitar, and has a penchant for collage.

Early years

He was born in Batavia, New York

Career highlights

Jaroba has performed solo in cafes, bars, and on the streets of many U.S. Cities. He has performed with Shane Schinder in the "Acme Temporary Arts Ensemble" in the late 1980s
"Emerald Fyre" from 1989-1993,
"Liberation Surrealist Duo" with Jared Alberico and Nick Wilson of Chicago
Minneapolis Improv Orchestra, late 1990s
"Duke Resonant" 1998
Nuclear Mystery Temple 2001-2002,
ESP 2002-2004,
Microclimate 2004 New Zealand tour,
Howloosanation from 2001 to present. In 2004 Howloosanation performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicagofor the John Cage MusicCircus.
"Duke Resonant Orchestra" 2004 to present
Two soundtracks for filmmaker Harvey Stein.
More recently, he has written and performed works with director Bob Hall and the Flatwater Shakespeare Company for The Tempest,Measure for Measure,Henry V,and Macbeth.


In 1990, Jaroba received "Best New Music" from Kennedy Center for his contribution to the Tom Stoppard play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Personal life

Jaroba currently lives in Davis, California


2004 "Pretty-Ugly" "Duke Resonant Orchestra"

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